Multiple cameras

On the ground, in the pub, on a boat, in an aeroplane or in a fully-equipped edit suite: editing can be done anywhere and in many ways. Our Avid-laptops are used for editing on location both in the Netherlands and abroad. We edit beautiful productions in-house as well.

LNG – Laptop News Gathering
We have chosen the MacBook Pro to work with because our years of experience have taught us that this system is the most solid and reliable. The MacBooks are equipped with Avid Media Composer for OSX. Naturally, we’ve got all the tools available to make an item ready for broadcasting and sending it via FTP. It can also be transferred using Bgan or SNG.

We use Avid Media Composer Nitris DX HD to run our edit suites. Our studios are nicely decorated with comfortable chairs, soft lighting and individual computers equipped with a text processor and internet browsers. Our experienced editors are there to help you through your editing effortlessly.