Multiple cameras

There’s not a lot that hasn’t been recorded on our cameras. From war to festival, from debate to earthquake, from royal visits to demonstrations: we have the right equipment for every single job. And the right people as well! We take care of our things and we only want to offer the very best quality. That's why we only rent out our cameras WITH operators.

We basically work with SONY XDCAM PDW-530P cameras. We use them daily to shoot various news features and current events, among other things.

We often use the SONY HVR-A1E/A1P when we’re travelling. Especially in risky areas this camera is very practical and reasonably discreet thanks to its compact size. And the videos are equally good!

The SONY AVCHD HXR-MC1P has already been used several times to shoot crazy antics, hanging from a rally car, for example. There are endless possibilities.

We use the SONY EX1 HD for documentaries and current events. It is file-based and produces beautiful HD videos.