Multiple cameras

We beam your images 35,000 kilometres into the sky and assure you they will arrive at their destination properly. With our three SNG-trucks, you have the world at your feet. Anything is possible, whether you want a live report, quickly send off footage or connect two locations. Our trucks can also be used as multiple-camera vans, which make it possible to tape a company event or a pop festival, for example, with three cameras at the same time or even broadcast it live.

HOL 73
Our HOL 73 underwent a dramatic change: we turned it into a HD-SNG in a brand-new elevated Mercedes Sprinter at the end of 2011. This means we’re ready for the transition to HD, which is developing rapidly in the world of broadcasting. It is still possible, though, to process SD material with this vehicle. Editing is done in this truck using an Avid programme; our operators are also editors.

HOL 54
Our HOL 54 is an SD truck, built into a comfortable Mercedes Sprinter. The SNG is equipped with all the things we need to edit items and to do voiceover jobs in peace and quiet. The 54 has both two-machine editing and Avid editing and can beam DVB-S2. In the long run, this vehicle will be converted into an HD truck.

HOL 47
Our HOL 47 is a more compact SD SNG truck, built into a Mercedes Vito. This vehicle will stay SD. Even though the 47 is just a little bit smaller, its performance is equally good. There’s ample space for spotting and editing; the beam part is located in the front, so there are no obstructions.